About Us

Xperiencefx is the world leading FX automated trading system and of course A perfect spearhead in the industry! Second to none in the world, built to trade the FX Market professionally and profitably with minimal risk and without the hassles of trading yourself. With Xperiencefx you are 100% in control.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine investments in the forex market by introducing a more safe & sustainable decentralized system that will help many lead the lifestyle of financial freedom.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

  • Artificial Intelligence is the future
  • Emotion Management
  • Risk Management
  • You make money while you sleep

Why Choose Xperiencefx?

The robot has built-in protection for loss prevention and risk management using multiple stop-loss strategies that are self-adjusting to ensure profit while interrupting loss.
The Robot uses AI technology that works simultaneously to increase your investment while protecting your initial capital which is based on data-analysis.

  • We are Consistent
  • Transparent
  • Unbeateable Accuracy
  • Trade Precision

How does Xperiencefx Take Trades?

The robot is specifically adapted to withstand the high volatility conditions seen in the Forex Market using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

  • The AI BOT analyzes via indicators that measure the strength of the market to enter trades only when optimal.
  • XFX BOTs use lower lots as default based on your trading equity. Stop loss is always applied immediately in cases of any bad trades or fundamentals.

All Round Security

You do not have to worry about the safety of your funds as you are not required at any point in time to invest your capital with us. We also work hard to ensure that your data is safe and secure. You get to enjoy the following Benefits:

  • Xperiencefx automatically set your trades to take advantage of the market volatility movement. A complete revolutionary trading system designed for reliability and profitability
  • Decentralization
  • Sustainability
  • Affordable
  • Automation
  • High Profitability


Get funded with up to $300,000 Real trading capital without evaluation and our Ai still do the trading for you.
Xperiencefx partnered with trusted fund providers that provide our clients with access to larger trading capital without committing your own personal funds.

Detailed Reporting

With a concise data dashboard, monitor your trades and earnings, withdrawals, rankings, and referrals.

Earn on referrals

At Xperiencefx, we appreciate and reward our customers for their effort on team building. You Get to Earn 15% and 5% commissions on all referrals both on first level and second level respectively. You stand a chance to earn as much as $150,000.

Xperiencefx BOT Packages


  • Features
  • 10% - 15%
  • Risk Level: LOW
  • Equity Margin: Yes
  • Minimum Equity: $300


  • Features
  • 25% - 35%
  • Risk Level: High
  • Equity Margin: Yes
  • Minimum Equity: $1,000


  • Features
  • 10% - 25%
  • Risk Level: LOW
  • Instant Funding: Yes
  • Minimum Equity: $3,000
  • Evaluation/Live: Yes


Xperiencefx is an AI trading system that is designed to trade the FX market for you on autopilot without you having to do anything yourself. It's 100% automated and it's Decentalized.
To subscribe to XperienceFx BOT(s), new users are expected to pay an Annual subscription fee of $200 in order to be able to connect their accounts to our trading AI. This subscription fee however, is an annual payment. No monthly or hidden fees.
Xperiencefx trades and delivers an average of 15% to 35% monthly return depending on market conditions. Sometimes it can be more. We have seen it delivered even 40% in a month.
Yes, there is a profit sharing in the ratio of 70/30. At the end of each trading week, you are required to pay 30% profit share of the total profit made for that week to Xperiencefx.
The profit sharing payment will be done manually by the user or through an automatic deduction from the equity margin wallet. Profit share is used for the maintenance of our trading AI so that we can provide our users with the best trading experience.

Equity margin refers to trade collateral or a margin requirement, which is 5% of the trading equity. This will be held as collateral on the xfx platform to be used as profit sharing settlement in the case of payment default.

Once a user or client delays or defaults in paying the weekly profit share as at when due , the system will trigger an automatic deduction of the 30% profit share/performance fee from the equity margin to settle profit sharing.

Users are expected to pay the profit sharing commission as at when due or have sufficient equity margin or top up their Equity margin often to avoid trade disconnection. This is because we don't have access to users trading account.

An invoice is generated for every payment which there is a pay now button for either subscription fee or equity margin top up on the invoice. A unique address is generated for each invoice. Payment is made in cryptocurrecny; USDT TRC20 to be precise.