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Xperiencefx is an AI trading system that is designed to trade the FX market for you on autopilot without you having to do anything yourself. It's 100% automated and it's Decentalized.
To subscribe to Xperiencefx BOT(s), new users are expected to pay an Annual subscription fee of $200 in order to be able to connect their accounts to our trading AI. This subscription fee however, is an annual payment. No monthly or hidden fees.
Xperiencefx trades and delivers an average of 15% to 35% monthly return depending on market conditions. Sometimes it can be more. We have seen it delivered even 40% in a month.
Yes, there is a profit sharing in the ratio of 70/30. At the end of each trading week, you are required to pay 30% profit share of the total profit made for that week to XperienceFx. The profit sharing payment will be done manually by the user or through an automatic deduction from the equity margin wallet. Profit share is used for the maintenance of our trading AI so that we can provide our users with the best trading experience.

Equity margin refers to trade collateral or a margin requirement, which is 5% of the trading equity. This will be held as collateral on the xfx platform to be used as profit sharing settlement in the case of payment default.

Once a user or client delays or defaults in paying the weekly profit share as at when due , the system will trigger an automatic deduction of the 30% profit share/performance fee from the equity margin to settle profit sharing.

Users are expected to pay the profit sharing commission as at when due or have sufficient equity margin or top up their Equity margin often to avoid trade disconnection. This is because we don't have access to users trading account.

An invoice is generated for every payment which there is a pay now button for either subscription fee or equity margin top up on the invoice. A unique address is generated for each invoice. Payment is made in cryptocurrecny; USDT TRC20 to be precise.
Usually, your payments should be confirmed almost immediately after making payment. Nevertheless, sometimes, due to the Blockchain network, there might be some delay or slow payment confirmation time. If your payment is not confirmed after 12 hours, kindly contact our live chat to lodge a complaint.
The Xperiencefx bot monitors the market movement 24/5 and continuously hunts for good positions. It tries to find similar patterns in a chart and when it finds similarities Using Algorithms, it takes trade. Besides this, it also finds Support and Resistance in a chart to get more confirmation with Proper Risk Management.
These are our requirements:
- Live account with our Recommended broker (s) or any of your preferred broker (s).
- Minimum Equity of 300 USD Balance
- MT4 Trading Account
- 1:500 Leverage
- Subscription fee
- Fund Equity Margin
A drawdown is the reduction of one's capital after a series of losing trades. This is normally calculated by getting the difference between a relative peak in capital minus a relative trough. Traders normally note this down as a percentage of their trading account.
Drawdown is inevitable when it comes to trading, hence, risk management is important.
The maximum Drawdown on the XperienceFx Bot(s) is 20%. This is done to prevent huge drawdown and to mitigate risk of total loss of the entire capital.
Our instant funding program provides our clients the opportunity to access instant trading capital with our trusted fund providers. After subscription to the xfx propTrader, you fund the equity margin wallet with the fund application fee or simply send a mail to us to process your funds application.

With XperienceFx instant funding program, You do not need to commit your own personal funds. After successful subscription and fund application, the instant funded account will be provided by our partner funds provider within 12hrs. Once the mt4 or mt5 details are received, you can now proceed to bind your account to our Ai and our AI does the trading for you automatically without having to do anything. The profit share is 50/50. At the end of every month, clients can login to the XFX dashboard to process a withdrawal of their Trading profits and it will be paid instantly.

The annual subscription fee to our prop trader BOT currently is $300.